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To promote, educate and connect those interested in a more environmentally friendly, affordable way to live.

We are Tiny Home dwellers! We live it tiny from Park Models to Tiny Homes on Wheels/Moveable Tiny Homes.

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In the photos above there are some Villages which you might find interesting.

Acony Bell is a Tiny Home Village located in Mills River NC.

They are located 15 min from Brevard NC, 15 min from Sierra Nevada Taproom & Restaurant and 16 min from Asheville Airport. My Tiny Home Friends and I had a visit in September 2017 and we all loved it! 

Live it Tiny has met with Mark Brooks and John Monroe and find them to be honest upstanding business people. At their Village, there is more space between homes, in fact about 50 feet. No high price for a tiny house and no community fee at this village. You purchase your own home from a builder that fits your needs then have it delivered to Acony Bell, your lot lease here will be $500/mo. This Village is in a great location so reach out to John Monroe at 828.490.1474 they are taking reservations for phase one or visit their website

Another Village is Lake Walk Tiny Home Community in Greer, SC.

This Tiny Home Village is in a great location with many trees, a nature trail and something very unique. Tiny Offices/Business/Eateries located in front of the village at 3203 N Highway 101. Live it Tiny has also visited this Village and recommends you check it out, it's worth a look as its located just 20 minuets from Greenville SC  and the owner ( Randy ) is another honest business person creating a welcoming community. Come visit and think about moving your office, coffee shop, or business close to your Tiny Home!

Reach-out to me at ( 570.470.1305 )  with all your Tiny House questions. I can be reached via email as well: bob@renewableenergycenter.orgor