Renewable Energy Center

  The Sun shows up for work every day!

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 Our Services:

Phone: (570) 470-1305


"We travel nationally to demonstrate and facilitate clean energy, Electric Cars, Motorcycles and Solar Carports"

Grass Farming Mangement:

  • Native Grasses and Grass Blends for Forage, Livestock Bedding Pellet Feed and Solid Heating Fuel
  • Pelletize your grass feedstocks (densification) from native grasses to hops
  • Laboratory Analysis
  • Small Samples Welcome

Project Management:

  • Tiny/Small Home Villages and Communities
  • Community Solar with New Storage Systems!
  • Community Heating - "from farm grasses to heating appliance"
  • Solid Fuel Production, Delivery, Storage and Logistics

 Education, Outreach, Consultation:

  • EV specialist providing test drives and sales
  • EV workshops/parties and Ride and Drives
  • Small home community development
  • Sustainable living, reducing our carbon footprint, Solar, Energy Storage, Infrastructure, Rainwater Catchment Tiny/Small Home Build Quality, Solar Car Ports with EV charging
  • Renewable Energy Education