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Grass Energy

Energy from Plants:

While the Sun provides 10,000 times the energy consumed on this planet each year, the challenge has been capturing, storing, and distributing this energy into a usable fuel. Grass Energy  - specifically perennial grasses, and particularly miscanthus, switchgrass, reed canarygrass, prairie cordgrass, vetiver, some mulch hay, wheat straw, fallow weedy fields with goldenrod all collect and store SunEnergy more efficiently than any other system yet devised by man. Plants, weeds, grasses and crop residue are an integral component of the earths renewable energy solution.

The use of these particular plants as a source of energy allows for a truly closed-loop, sustainable system. Warm and cool season grasses are harvested and densified into solid fuels. This solid fuel can be used to heat and cool our homes, schools, public buildings, greenhouses, hospitals, and universities, or to help power our communities, all while doing so in an environmentally friendly manner. Support our local farmers, utilizing their fallow, marginal lands for energy and create local jobs.

"Eat Local - Heat Local"

Biomass crop conversion into liquid fuels is now in test production stages. Grass Farms maybe providing our nation with a sizable fraction of its transportation fuels by the year 2020...