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What we do:

The Renewable Energy Center (REC) specializes in Solar Energy, Grass Energy, Moveable Tiny Homes and Electric Vehicles. We advise, promote, educate, and facilitate clean sustainable energies, Tiny Homes and electric transportation worldwide. We work with the most trusted groups in the industry. Remember, all renewable energy technologies work well together.

We also promote & advise on electric vehicles (EV) including motorcycles. Clean Energy EV Future: if the owner chooses, the batteries in EVs can send power back to the grid at night and have a full charge for your am commute. This is a grid stabilization measure that will increase your net-metering, more on that later...

FYI - Electric Vehicles are fast!, electric motors have less moving parts and more torque than internal combustion engines. Treat yourself, test drive a Tesla Model S P100D and engage ludicrous mode then enjoy 0-60mph in 2.6 seconds. Now that's Ripping Fast. GO  EV  and trade noise for stealth. "Silence is Golden"

Our Experience:

The Renewable Energy Center has worked in the Grass Energy field since 2009. Enduring countless hours of research and development. We have overcome challenges and gained knowledge in harvest, storage, densification (the manufacturing of pellets and cubes into solid fuel), heating appliance testing and installation.

Collaboration with three grass energy projects and their partners;

  • Pennsylvania Native Grasses for Energy (PA Fuels for Schools - USDA/NRCS/RC&D Council, Ernst Biomass, Buskirk Engineering)
  • Hudson Valley Grass Energy Project (USDA/NRCS/Lower Hudson Long Island RC&D Council, NYSERDA)
  • NYSERDA PON 2652 (which included, Southern Tier Biomass / Fingerlakes RC&D Council / Hudson Valley Grass Energy / Buskirk Engineering and the Pocono Northeast RC&D Council Mobile Pelletizer). Project title - Grass pellet fuel vs Wood pellet fuel re: emissions testing & evaluation in a commercial boiler- final report scheduled for release in 2017.

REC Solar background, residential installation, sales, energy consultation and presentation. Commercial ground mount arrays, community solar, (also known as solar gardens), third party solar system ownership and maintenance, power purchase agreements (PPA).

REC Automotive background, conventional fossil fuel engines & early hybrid electric vehicles with three German Automobile Manufactures in retail sales & service, product development and testing, competitor vehicle procurement and evaluation.

Our Passion:

Sustainable living, affordable, clean, renewable energy for all. Helping change the way humans consume energy.

Our Why:

"Our Planet - Our Responsibility"

Climate Change is real. "Let us not take this planet for granted" Reduce your carbon footprint and lower your costs. Live in an energy efficient Tiny Home! 

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