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  The Sun shows up for work every day!

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Electric Vehicles

Cleaner, Greener Small Home Living

Try a more meaningful, affordable, sustainable lifestyle. Explore living in a Small or Tiny Home.

( 1,000 square feet or less)

"Our Planet - Our Responsibility"

"Building ecologically responsible housing is essential to our survival as a species"

Grass Energy Field

Big Bluestem test plot at the Plant Materials Center in Big Flats, NY

Solar Energy

Capturing the SUN's  energy will lower your electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

Now is the time to Go Solar!

Your roof, is one of the best locations!

One of the top rated systems is the Sleek Mount Array by SolarCity! 

Have questions?

Call the Solar Guys

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Grass Energy

Perennial & Sustainable Grasses for Energy:
Switchgrass, Miscanthus, Reed Canarygrass and invasive reeds grasses such as Phragmites and Cattails. These are all renewable fuels, they provide high energy content per pound once densified into a pellets or one inch cubes.

Support our local Farmers that produce these fuels!

"Eat Local - Heat Local"

Call the grass guys!

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Mobile Densification

This Mobile Pelletizer Unit (MPU) is manufactured by Buskirk Engineering

Multi-Fuel Pellet Appliances

As new pellet fuels are developed your appliance should provide the option of using these lower cost locally sourced fuels.