The following slide show are examples of affordable housing and community/village living. Modular, Manufactured or better yet, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) delivered and constructed on your land or in a village of like minded progressive friends.

These homes are energy efficient sustainable dwellings, high quality and very easy on your wallet!

 Simply Sustainable Village

a small affordable home project in Bristol Virginia

Live a more meaningful life! Build an affordable, sustainable, energy efficient home, grow your food, live with your friends, own your land and home, travel knowing your home and pets are safe with the village residents, enjoy good-eats created in the outdoor kitchen, share family recipes under roof at a community farm table, sip adult beverages under the stars sitting around the fire-pit!

How about an electric vehicle fleet with solar charging station? The possibilities are endless, so be creative. Share your needs and wants with friends and make it happen!

Who says you can't choose your neighbors?

Do you:

Have a location idea for a village?

Have like minded friends you can live with?

Want to "age in place" in your new energy efficient home?

Want a small vacation home with income attached?

Have questions about what a village can do for the rest of your life?

Have a desire for a second home in a favorite part of the country?

Multi-Fuel Pellet Appliances

As new pellet fuels are developed your appliance should provide the option of using these lower cost locally sourced fuels.

Simply Sustainable Villages

is a division of Renewable Energy Center


Grass Energy 

Perennial & Sustainable Grasses for Energy:
Switchgrass, Miscanthus, Reed Canarygrass and invasive reeds grasses such as Phragmites and Cattails. These are all renewable fuels, they provide high energy content per pound once densified into a pellets or one inch cubes.

Support our local Farmers that produce these fuels! Use them in your sustainable dwellings.

Solar Energy

Collecting the SUN's  energy will lower your electricity costs, reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

Now is the time to Go Solar!

Your roof, is one of the best locations!

One of the top rated systems is the Sleek Mount Array by Tesla / SolarCity! 

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Grass Energy Field

Big Bluestem test plot at the Plant Materials Center in Big Flats, NY

Mobile Densification

This Mobile Pelletizer Unit (MPU) is manufactured by Buskirk Engineering