Perennial & Sustainable Grasses for Energy

Switchgrass, Miscanthus, Reed Canarygrass and invasive reeds grasses such as Phragmites and Cattails. These are all renewable fuels, they provide high energy content per pound once densified into a pellet and/or one inch cube.

Multi-Fuel Pellet Appliances

As new pellet fuels are developed your appliance should provide the option of using these lower cost locally sourced fuels.

Renewable Energy Center

   The Sun shows up for work everyday!

Renewable Energy Center Grass Pellets

Pelletize your energy grasses for heating fuel and biochar. Pelletize your Hops for that high quality, hand crafted adult beverage.

REC supports community heating projects and our farmers and landowners with a vision for sustainable agriculture.

"Eat Local - Heat Local"

Call the grass guys!

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Mobile Densification

This Mobile Pelletizer Unit (MPU) is manufactured by Buskirk Engineering